Sunflower Services aims to be a resource in building consent-communication & care skills. We believe that care work happens moment-to-moment, often building into patterns and practices that make up our time living. These moments of care can be different for each person. The intent of Sunflower Services is to cultivate a space where each person is empowered in their options, in touch with their bodies, and intuitive about the choices they make regarding life's moments of transition. Support shared includes a range of options for bodies of all shapes and sizes, welcomes all ages, and supports all gendered and non-gendered persons.

full spectrum

care planning

Care planning includes a collaborative evaluation of availability and access to resources, collaboration with your care team or pod, and education surrounding physical, spiritual, and emotional patterns that are common during moments of transition. Drawing from evidence-based research, disability justice, and experience, our services provide emotional, physical, and spiritual companionship through the creation of a full spectrum care plan. This may include health access planning, disability services planning, abortion planning, documentation of death preferences, documentation for birth preferences, name changes, and a variety of transitional care plans.

Doula services

The companionship of a doula in moments of transition, postoperative or postpartum time, and end-of-life care can create opportunities for the self and/or care circle to hold space, listen authentically, help one another adjust to new needs, and collaborate in the emotional processing of a person's transition.
Drawing from evidence-based research and experience, the primary role of doula services is to provide emotional, physical, and spiritual education following experiences such as general surgery, gender-affirming surgery, birth, miscarriage, or abortion.
About Sunflower Services
Summer Diegel is a full-spectrum doula with an educational background in education, theology, and grief. They offer doula care as a way to facilitate connection to the emotion and embodied responses that arise during moments of transition through skilled planning, including preparing soothing techniques, on-call care, and education for children and adults surrounding choices and techniques.
All Sunflower Services care practices are developed using a consent framework while considering the agency and awareness each individual carries about their body, story, and needs. Please reach out on our contact page to schedule a phone call and discuss how together we wish to cultivate tools and techniques that fit your need. Your doula will work in partnership with you and your care team. All services are offered at client-determined times of need and/or through a series of incremental sessions with your doula. These sessions follow the client's timeline and the desired outcome of the client(s). 
Client Investment
Fees for services can be customized to fit your needs. We aim to make our services accessible to community members at all levels of income. All services are offered at a sliding-scale rate as a package ($0 - 300) or hourly ($0 - 75), clients paying full price help support this being an option. In addition, we work in collaboration with other doulas within Pearl Collective to collectively meet the unique care needs of each client. Our services are available for anyone. We prioritize making support and doula care accessible for people who are low-income, who are or have been incarcerated, and trans & gender non-conforming people. We recognize the unacceptable discrepancies and injustices that exist historically and structurally in health care and strive to be consistent and accessible advocates.
COVID19 Guidance
You deserve to have support in processing and planning, regardless of your ability to meet in-person with your doula. Whether you are distancing due COVID19, don’t have access to doulas in your area, want to limit the number of people in attendance, or any other reason, we are available with flexible options! Our virtual services can help support, encourage, and guide you along the way. Virtual care sessions include phone/video calls and notes. You may choose in advance to receive a recording of each session.
COVID19 Update  03.01.2021