Sunflower Services aims to be a resource in building consent-communication & care skills. Care work happens moment-to-moment, often building into patterns and practices that make up our time living. These moments of care can be different for each person. The intent of Sunflower Services is to cultivate a space where each person is empowered in their options, in touch with their bodies, and intuitive about the choices they make regarding life's moments of transition. Support shared includes a range of options for bodies of all shapes and sizes, welcomes all ages, and supports all gendered and non-gendered persons.

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About Sunflower Services
All Sunflower Services care practices are developed using a consent framework while considering the agency and awareness each individual carries about their body, story, and needs. Full spectrum care services are available to provide: informational, emotional, physical, spiritual, and advocacy support. Please reach out on our contact page to schedule a phone call and discuss how together we wish to cultivate tools and techniques that fit your need. Summer will work in partnership with each client and their care team. Please email Summer directly to request a summary of education and employment experiences.
Summer works in collaboration with the doulas within Pearl Collective PNW, and can support each person in creating a care team to collectively meet their unique care needs. Our services are available for anyone.
What is the Process?
The doula-client relationship often starts prior to a life transition such as surgery, pregnancy, end-of-life/death. A client will meet with Summer for doula services at least three times in advance. Once to make sure that you and your doula are compatible and to go over any paperwork if needed, and twice for in-person check-ups. If there is a day of care your doula will be available on-call during that time to accompany you to your preferred location and provide comfort measures, physical and emotional support, and guidance so you have continuous companionship. Doula care is available for all clients whether they are in a hospital, care center, or their home. After-care such as ceremonies, memorial services, postoperative care, and postpartum care is organized with each client individually.
Client Investment
Fees for services can be customized to fit your needs. Summer's services accessible to community members at all levels of income. All services are offered at a sliding-scale rate as a package ($0 - 300) or hourly ($0 - 75), clients paying full price help support this being an option. All services are also available for barter, please contact Summer directly to coordinate a doula services plan that works for you. We prioritize making support and doula care accessible for people who are low-income, who are or have been incarcerated, and LGBTQIA+ people.
Schedule a free 15-minute consult with Summer to get started. You can also email with your questions. 
COVID19 Guidance
You deserve to have support in processing and planning, regardless of your ability to meet in-person with your doula. Whether you are distancing due COVID19, don’t have access to doulas in your area, want to limit the number of people in attendance, or any other reason, we are available with flexible options! Our virtual services can help support, encourage, and guide you along the way. Virtual care sessions include phone/video calls and notes. You may choose in advance to receive a recording of each session.
COVID19 Update  03.01.2021

"For 2 weeks while we were visiting Seattle, they cared for my mother with such authenticity. Summer was a warm, attentive, and friendly person that our whole family loved. They even improved our trip by offering informed suggestions for accessible activities around the city!"

"I absolutely loved the time I spent with Summer [during the small group consensual kink 101 workshop]. I was amazed by their seemingly endless knowledge of sexual ethics and the pleasure-oriented framework they have around sex. Their lessons are direct, consistently welcoming, and oriented around consent. Thank you, Summer!"

"Summer is a very skilled communicator. It seems like a weird compliment, but we really mostly notice only when humans are communicating poorly. And I rarely see someone do it quite as so effectively. Thanks for bringing that rare skill and attention!"