A full spectrum doula is a professional trained in body care, physical and emotional pain management, and reproductive health. This may include sex, pleasure, pregnancy, labor, abortion, adoption, surrogacy, miscarriage, and stillbirth. It is our value that each person should be supported according to what they determine best suits their unique needs and, if applicable, their support person(s). 
If you are feeling overwhelmed, our services aim to introduce clarity. We work to facilitate trauma-informed conversations with any person or group who is seeking information regarding reproductive health. Please reach out on our contact page to schedule a phone call and discuss how together we wish to cultivate tools and techniques for processing emotional stress, physical pain, discomfort, rituals, or preparation.
in-person, $25/hr

Throughout history and across many cultures, the people who give birth have been surrounded by and cared for by others during childbirth. In your pregnancy planning sessions you will build upon skills and develop a tool kit for pre-pregnancy planning, including budgeting for a baby (or babies!), finding nutrition that works for you, accessing healthcare, and more! For those seeking support in developing a birth plan, you and your doula may discuss things like options for labor, planning for physical & emotional comfort, delivery techniques & practices, and postpartum care.

in-person, $35/hr [all supplies included]
An opportunity to meet one-on-one with your doula to develop a unique pregnancy, birth, or post-partum plan using mixed media. Designed for all levels of experience, this time is structured to help a person or small group to become intimately familiar with their preferences regarding the community-based, holistic, and medical options available. During each visit, your doula will support you in accessing your intuitive as well as logistical knowledge about your reproductive health and also about behavior patterns in terms of desires, habits, and readiness. This information may greatly inform how you create care plans related to your reproductive care. Together, you will create a visual or written "plan" for your ideal pregnancy, birth, or postpartum care. Depending on each person(s) a Creative Planning session may include: information about physical/mental/emotional expectations for pregnancy/birth/post-partum, advocating for/against care options, building an effective support team, labor/delivery planning, and more!
If you are making a decision to end your pregnancy, a doula's support may help. You are probably feeling a lot of different emotions right now, or maybe you’re not feeling anything. Both are normal and neither is wrong. If you would like support, you do not have to go through this experience alone. Your doula will meet with you before your abortion and together we can talk about your experience, your options, your choices, and what comes next. When it is time for your abortion, your doula will join you & your support team. You will be treated with the kindness and dignity. Your doula will stay after while you recover.
in-person, $45/hr + mileage
This includes the traditional care work provided by birth doulas including on-call companionship* during your active labor & birth, providing companionship, supporting emotional processes, co-creation of an interconnected web of support, working alongside a midwife, birth center, or hospital team, guiding family members in providing care, meeting, research, write-ups, physical labor support, and respite for caregivers. Care Work may also include postpartum care such as facilitating techniques for bonding and newborn care, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and providing or resourcing spiritual support. *Please note that on-call active labor & delivery support are available only to clients who have previously met with us for a free consultation.
Available Early 2020
This workshop will be an introductory online & in-person space for learning histories, legal info, methods, procedures, and more around the topic of abortions. Enrollment will be open to all humans wishing to seeking information about abortion, including those who are pre/post abortion and folx who wish to offer support. Educational opportunity co-taught by Summer & Lashanna, hosted by A Sacred Passing-- check back for details.
*We aim to make our services accessible to community members at all levels of income; everything we offer is available at a sliding-scale rate. In addition, we work in community with Pearl Collective and Death Resource Center to collectively meet the unique care needs of each client.