A full spectrum doula is a professional trained in body care, physical and emotional pain management, and body health. This may include body-positive fantasy exploration for all genders, kink workshops, exploring consent, boundaries and communication in intimate relationships, developing language and creative methods of mapping arousal, reorienting to pleasure with a disability or sickness, or exploring pleasure post-surgery, postpartum, post-menopause. It is our value that each person should be supported according to what they determine best suits their unique needs and, if applicable, their support person(s). 
If you are feeling overwhelmed, our services aim to introduce clarity. We work to facilitate trauma-informed conversations with any person or group who is seeking information regarding reproductive health. Please reach out on our contact page to schedule a phone call and discuss how together we wish to cultivate tools and techniques for processing emotional stress, physical pain, discomfort, rituals, or preparation.
in-person, $20/hr
Looking for an excuse to build up your sexual-pleasure tool kit? Kink Over Coffee is an opportunity to get together one-on-one with a doula over coffee and to empower you to access your sexual pleasure. This may include pleasure-centered sex education, anatomy 101, smutty tips & tricks, communication skill-building, and more! Kink Over Coffee is only offered to clients who are 18+ years of age. If you are a minor and looking for accurate information about sex, relationships or your body, please check out Scarleteen or Bish.
in-person, $35/hr [all supplies included]
An opportunity to meet one-on-one with your doula to develop a unique pleasure map using mixed media. Designed for all levels of experience, this time is structured to help a person or small group to become intimately familiar with their preferences regarding connection to the body, values surrounding sex & pleasure, fantasy, and kink. During each visit, your doula will support you in accessing your intuitive as well as logistical knowledge about behavior patterns in terms of desires, habits, and readiness. This information may greatly inform how you create care plans related to your pleasure & sexual embodiment. Depending on each person(s) a Creative Planning session may include: information about physical/mental/emotional expectations for sex, pleasure, desire, relationship to self and/or others, advocating for/against care options, building an effective support team, and more!
in-person, $45/hr + mileage
This includes the traditional care work provided by doulas including assessment of develop circles of care; meeting, research, write-ups, companioning, physical/emotional labor support, and respite for caregivers.
*We aim to make our services accessible to community members at all levels of income; everything we offer is available at a sliding-scale rate. In addition, we work in community with Pearl Collective and Death Resource Center to collectively meet the unique care needs of each client.