sneak peak: Prophecy of Ullyyan

This is a quick couple paragraphs of what I hope to someday manifest as a mini-epic chronicling my short sci-fi story "Prophecy of Ullyyan".

The Earth’s Sky Protectors discover the secret to astral projection is the first step in the process of transitioning planet Earth into the Ullyyan realm. To successfully project the Earth into the realm of Ullyyan, every person must be able to participate in the astral projection, which requires access to the long memory. To access this form of memory, community members must request the help of their ancestors and study with them until they are able to hold a multitude of stories that stretch far outside their lives.

Sab and their team set out to share the knowledge they discover with the global community to fulfill the revered prophecy but are met with resistance as communities begin to ask for the support of their ancestors of the north eastern regions who used to be known as “white”. Throughout the Tender Times and the centuries of Earth’s healing from when humans used to speciously classify the worth of one another, some healing magic crosses between ancestors who were involved in the colonization of other parts of the Earth during The Silence. This awakening is especially prevalent on days when the wind is blowing out of the Old World.

Using storytelling, love, and a bandoleer of bells, Sab and the Sky Protectors work with the ancestors in healing hundreds of consecutive generations from The Silence. Holding the Earth’s rituals of patience, learning, and imagination, they begin to fulfill the Prophecy of Ullyyan.