• Summer Diegel

an affirmation for the heart

We all need to hear tender things every so often.

One method is to ask a support person to affirm us (maybe even give them a script!). If we need to hear something specific, such as "you are valued and I respect you," it is totally okay to ask someone to say that to us.

Sometimes, we may choose to say or think these important affirmations to ourselves. Another way one might practice affirmation is by saying a statement out loud while facing a mirror. Below are several examples of "I am" affirmation statements. You are invited to use this list in full, use it as a starting thought, or take pieces of it that most speak to you.

I am loved

I am lovable

I am loving

I am protected

I am strong

I am safe

I am courageous

I am worthy

I am unique

I am just right

I am wonderfully made

I am abundant

I am gifted

I am blessed

I am thankful

I am compassionate

I am powerful

I am respected

I am visible

I am valid

I am happy

I am joyful

I am multidimensional

I am creative

I am capable

I am whole


Summer G. Diegel

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