a bit about desire

I want you on Sunday mornings.

Pancakes on the stove top.

The sun shining in through the window,

As I look out and wash dishes.

Flowers on the table.

Fresh coffee on your lips.

I want you on Monday mornings.

Hesitant as we hit snooze again.

The sun not quite above the mountains yet,

As I tell you we are going to be late.

Fresh coffee on the table.

The taste of toothpaste on your lips.

I want you on Tuesday mornings.

Ready this time as your feet hit the floor.

Adversaries are scared as mine hit too.

The sun greets you as it does every morning.

You leave with a kiss.

Untouched coffee on the table.

My taste on your lips.

I want you on Wednesday mornings.

We slide out of bed together,

The bathroom mirror fogs from our love,

The shower has been running for 45 minutes.

The sun knows our secret.

The coffee is burnt.

The taste of love on your lips.

I want you on Thursday mornings.

We cannot be late again,

We dress quickly-

Without looking at the sun rise.

You do not have coffee.

I have not tasted your lips.

Friday mornings,

You leave before I do,

I am not in a hurry,

I watch the sunrise.

I drink fresh coffee.

I imagine your lips.

I want you on Saturday afternoons,

We slept entangled in limbs all morning,

We do not leave bed,

The sun is finally centered in the sky,

It is too late for coffee,

I taste serenity on your lips.