Our care practices are created while considering the innate wisdom each individual carries about their body, story, and needs. Summer Diegel is a doula who will support your learning of how to implement these skills in your own home or family; help with planning and preparation for birth, pleasure-based bodywork, and/or death; facilitate  skills conversations with individuals, workplaces, or community groups; demonstrate health skills; facilitate conversations & create resource guides to fit your unique needs; or  offer direct skills. Check out our unique services or click here to learn more. 
We acknowledge that care work surrounding disability, birth, sex, and death has historically existed within all ancient communities. These practices have been held sacred in the United States by women and queer people within Indigenous and Black communities despite systematic & pervasive violence, gatekeeping, and gaslighting from those in power. In honoring this work, we reject hierarchal structures of care work and seek to cultivate relationships with a network of caregivers to meet the various needs of our clients when we are not skilled or positioned to meet them.