You deserve to have support in processing and planning your or a loved one's death. Sunflower Services aims to introduce clarity surrounding the emotion, spirit, and physiology of death. We also offer tools and techniques for processing grief, emotional stress, and end of life rituals or preparation. Ultimately, we each come to our own answer. It is often simply waiting to be retrieved, remembered or resurrected. In end of life care, our services offer a resource for support to help with understanding and having a conversation around the options for death care.
We work to facilitate trauma-informed conversations with any person or group who is seeking information regarding death , dying, including legal, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Please reach out on our contact page to schedule a phone call and discuss how together we wish to cultivate tools and techniques for processing emotional stress, physical pain, discomfort, rituals, or preparation.
in-person, $25/hr
This is an opportunity for one-on-one or small group walkthrough of filling out and completing Advance Directives for End-of-Life Care, including Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (Health Care Agent) and the Advanced Medical Directive (Living Will). This is a great course for anyone who is hoping to put their wishes in writing or begin the conversation about the logistics of death planning.
Estimated Cost Available after Free Consultation
For many friends and family, caring for our own dead can bring healing and comfort and is a normal extension of hospice care at home. Some choose home funerals for comfort, affordability, ease, and more. We will work with you to create and implement a home funeral that fits your & your loved ones needs. Whether your wishes align with traditional or religious practices or you are developing your own ritual, your doula is available to discuss legal and cost considerations, body care including washing/vigil/disposition, help with locating or working with a funeral director, and more.
in-person, $35/hr [all supplies included]
An opportunity to meet one-on-one with your doula to develop a unique memorial, vigil, body care, or life remembrance plan using mixed media. Designed for all levels of experience, this time is structured to help a person or small group of people to become intimately familiar with their preferences regarding the community-based, holistic, and medical options available. This information may greatly inform how you create care plans related to your end of life care including after death. Your doula will support you in creating a visual or written "plan" for your ideal memorial, vigil, body care, or life remembrance. Depending on each person(s) a Creative Planning session may include: information about physical/mental/emotional expectations for death and dying, advocating for/against care options, building an effective support team, death/dying lore and traditions, completing/organizing death plan of action paperwork and more!
in-person, $45/hr + mileage
This includes the traditional care work provided by doulas including assessment of family needs, creating a quality of life plan, and develop circles of care; meeting, research, write-ups, companioning, vigils, respite for caregivers, discernment visits (to residential care facilities, hospices, funeral homes, etc.) and after death support.
Available February 2020 -- Register Here
This course is designed to help support those who wish to broaden their existing health-care practices to include end-of-life care as a professional ally. This course is generally held over a weekend, with classes on Friday night from 6-10, Saturday from 8-5, and Sunday from 9-5.  The course offers training in the physical and emotional care of the dying and the surviving family and friends.  Some of the topics we cover are how to integrate your care into your work, body handling, archetype recognition, working with options for burial presentations and legalize in Washington state.  Educational opportunity co-taught by Summer & Lashanna, hosted by A Sacred Passing-- check back for details.
*We aim to make our services accessible to community members at all levels of income; everything we offer is available at a sliding-scale rate. In addition, we work in community with Pearl Collective and Death Resource Center to collectively meet the unique care needs of each client.