Care Planning includes evaluation of what resources are needed, collaboration with your care team, and education surrounding physical, spiritual, and emotional patterns that are common during moments of transition. Our care planning services are created to offer guidance in the understanding of what happens to the body, emotions, and spirit throughout life's transitions.  The primary role of our care planning services is to provide support through the creation of your care plan. Each care planning session is designed to include a range of options for all bodies, welcomes all ages, and supports all gendered and non-gendered persons. Care Services further incorporate emotional, physical, and spiritual companionship.

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Advance Care Planning
Advance care planning services incorporate planning for a person's physical treatment during medical emergencies, their end-of-life time, and/or their eventual death. This includes: clarifying terminology, preparing personal and/or legal documents, education surrounding the process, and communicating with a care team. Notary services available.
Some of the documents may include:
  • Power of Attorney for Healthcare
  • Living Wills
  • Advance Directive
  • POLST forms
  • Letters 
Storytelling and Remembrance
Storytelling, Remembrance, and Legacy Projects are a way to share a person's unique life story using mixed media. This can be thematically developed to support any big or small memory, history, or emotion such as joy, curiosity, wonder, and grief. In addition, your doula may offer information about physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional relationships to grief, methods for collaborating with loved ones, grief lore and traditions, and more.
Storytelling and Remembrance services available:
  • Witness & Ceremony
  • Visual, Audio, or text-based Story Sharing
  • Creating Visual Representative Art
  • Hosting Interviews
  • Obituary Writing
Pregnancy Planning
Pregnancy planning services are created to introduce the wide range of choices a person has for their pregnancy. Support of a doula can guide a person through up-to-date information, explore "what ifs", and create time to prepare for the wishes, dreams, support, or ceremonies they would like during this time. If a person is making a decision to end their pregnancy, or their pregnancy is ending unexpectedly, there are a variety of care methods and available options for planning an in-clinic or out-of-clinic care. For services marked "*" please contact for information, client consultation, or experienced referrals. Summer is continuing their learning through ongoing training and mentor consultation. 
Abortion Planning
Postpartum Planning*
Adoption Resources*
Birth Planning*
End-of-Life & Death Planning
End-of-Life Planning introduces a variety of tools and techniques for processing grief, emotional stress, and end-of-life rituals or preparation. End-of-Life & Death planning services often include: Death Plan Writing, and Creating a Memorial and/or Vigil Plan, Storytelling and Rememberance.