Joy and Pleasure Planning
Together we can work on planning or documenting your joy, building an interconnected web of support, and creating a pleasure plan. Your doula can act as a companion, advocate, or accountability partner and will answer questions and uplift your choices when it may be time to transition to the next phase of your care plan.
Doulas are often members of an interconnected, interdisciplinary group of specialists and professionals that provide guidance and support. Accordingly, they may assist you or your support team in developing an individualized plan of care to cultivate, center, and find comfort in joy and pleasure. Individualized plans may include anything a person chooses, such as daily spiritual consultations and/or other activities that facilitate connection to their agency, body, and emotions.
Personal care services are developed uniquely for each client, this is an opportunity to meet with someone to discuss overall your care hopes, goals, and needs. You and your care companions are invited to assess what day-to-day care you may need to uplift your joy within periods of transition such as birth, illness, disability, and death. When we deepen our transitions (our small moments, our big moments, sometimes-easily-brushed-away moments) we make a choice to invest strategically into them. By doing this over time we can build authentic faith and joy.
Beyond "The Sex Talk"
The Sex Talk. It's a conversation that many parents avoid, dread, or sum up in just one word, "don't". Many caretakers have tons of questions about talking with young people about the topics of intimacy, consent, and sexuality. It's up to a caretaker to determine when to begin this conversation. However, this timeline becomes particularly important when children begin to bring up the conversation.
A vast majority of harassment or sexual abuse happens when the child trusts and/or is dependent on the person causing harm. When harassment or sexual abuse occurs, a young person may experience a lot of confusion because of the lack of accountability and limited cultural understanding of sexual development. Further, as children get older and begin to approach puberty they often become curious and resourceful, it can become isolating or even harmful for their caretaker to avoid having a frank discussion.
Young people may learn from their peers, other adults, or the internet. Sometimes that information is unreliable. It is up to caretakers to guide the conversation before a young person begins receiving misinformation. Does the idea of talking with young people about sexuality make you uncomfortable, frustrated, or anxious? Collaborating with a sex educator may help to build a framework for your conversation. Your doula can support you in creating a unique caretaker curriculum for "The Sex Talk" while incorporating your beliefs and values about sexuality with evidence-based information about anatomy, relationships, intimacy, and consent.
Previous Frameworks Include:
  • Teaching the Value of Consent
  • Intimacy & Biomimicry
  • Sexual Health as a Natural Part of Life
Adult Sex Education Workshops (Private & Small Group)
Looking for an excuse to build up your sexual-pleasure tool kit? These sessions follow your timeline and the desired outcome. Adult sex education services are developed uniquely for each client, small group, or organization. Services are offered at a sliding scale rate, please contact Summer Diegel directly with inquiries.
Previous Topics Include:
  • Communication & Negotiation
  • Oral for All Genders
  • Butt Stuff for NB Folks & Femmes
  • Kink 101
  • Queering BDSM
  • Food Fight! The Joy of Messy Food Sex
About Pleasure Education
Summer Diegel is a full spectrum doula with over four years of experience in sex education. Their private and small group sessions strive to be inclusive, pleasure-focused, and most importantly, enjoyable! Through their creative consent framework, our services may invite you to wiggle your eyelashes, fingers, and toes, to practice gratitude, envision desires, map your arousal, learn new tips and tricks, or reorient toward pleasure.
All Sunflower Services care practices are developed using a consent framework while considering the agency and awareness each individual carries about their body, story, and needs. Please reach out on our contact page to schedule a phone call and discuss how together we wish to cultivate tools and techniques that fit your need. Check out our unique services or click here to learn more. 
We aim to make our services accessible to community members at all levels of income; everything we offer is available at a sliding-scale rate. Clients paying full price help support this being an option. In addition, we work in a community with Pearl Collective and Death Resource Center to collectively meet the unique care needs of each client.

My study guides are created in a collaging and idea mapping process grown from my learning style and my passion for fantasy and sci-fi play like storytelling or dungeons and dragons.