The companionship of a skilled provider can create opportunities for the self and/or care circle to hold space, listen, adjust to new needs, and collaborate in the emotional processing of their transition.  The primary role of our care services is to provide nonmedical emotional, physical, and spiritual guidance throughout transitions; including surgery, birth, miscarriage, abortion, end-of-life, and death.
Drawing from evidence-based research and experience, care services are created to offer education and companionship surrounding common physical, emotional, and spiritual patterns. Each person may find that their wishes for care support are different and may include a variety of care planning services in addition to companion care. 

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Postoperative Care
Postoperative care is for after surgery, including general, pediatric, or gender-affirming surgery.  The needs of someone who has just undergone major surgery are specific, and postoperative doulas are there to provide a wide range of support.

End-of-Life / Death Care
Death (whether sudden or expected, whether ours or another person) can rupture many things from within us. Sunflower Services aims to introduce clarity surrounding the emotion, spirit, and physiology of death.

Postpartum Pregnancy Care
Each person will be treated with kindness and dignity. The assistance of a doula may create space for a person to recover, rest, and adjust to shifting relationship dynamics and needs. Postpartum doulas can offer nonjudgemental support and evidence-based information. In many cultures, the postpartum period is understood to be an important, and/or Sacred time. 

For services marked "*" please contact for information, client consultation, or experienced referrals. Summer is continuing their learning through ongoing training and mentor consultation. 

Postpartum Abortion
Postpartum Miscarriage*

Postpartum Birth Care*
Adoption Resources*