THE SUNFLOWER CYCLE is a seasonal zine and educational resource for life's transitions like growing up, relationships, gender, pregnancy, and death.

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Autumn Blessings! If you'd like, invite in a moment of rest and prepare a warm drink for yourself. Nearby is a cup of chamomile tea for me. I would like to extend a personal welcome to my chosen and kindred family, elders, and community members who may be visiting this website. You are the foundation in which I have been challenged, felt care, grown interrelated friendships, and ecosystems of support and love. Thank you for being here.


When we deepen our transitions (our small moments, our big moments, sometimes-easily-brushed-away moments) we make a choice to invest strategically into them. By doing this over time we can build authentic faith and joy. Within this space, I share what I have been taught from living and nonliving ancestors, mentors, research, and experience. I hope to share my love of learning, reading, and whimsical art-making with you through stories about myself, my ideas related to full-spectrum care, intergenerational teaching, and stories of metamorphosis from my life. 

Like the Earth in the northern hemisphere, I am in a time of resting and strengthening roots. The blog is closed and I am not accepting new clients at this time. I look forward to sharing my writing and care work with you again in 2022!  

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Picture: a drying sunflower sits on a desk near a small ceramic sunflower plate; two copies of "the sunflower cycle" zine (available in "study guides" soon!) by summer are near the flower, one zine is slightly opened up.


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