Sunflower Services aims to be a resource in building community health skills. We believe that care work happens in the community and looks different for each of us. The intent of Sunflower Services is to cultivate a space where each person is empowered in their options, in touch with their bodies, and intuitive about the choices they make.
Sunflower Services are developed with a commitment to providing holistic support that includes sharing community-based healing alternatives and being an accessible and affordable doula. All services are offered with a sliding-scale, payment plan, or trade options. If we are not able to meet your needs, we will do everything we can to connect you with someone who can.
Everything we've learned is because of and with our community.

The namesake of Sunflower Services is the Helianthus Annus, the common sunflower from North America which is recognized by the bold petals dancing around the center. We chose this name to honor a gift of the earth that invokes feelings of safety, inspiration, and awe. Seeing them brings warmth to our soul in a way that only the sun can rival. 
Thank you for being here.
We acknowledge that care work surrounding disability, birth, sex, and death has historically existed within all ancient communities. These practices have been held sacred in the United States by womxn and queer people within Indigenous and Black communities despite systematic & pervasive violence, gatekeeping, and gaslighting from those in power. 
In honoring this work, we reject hierarchal structures of care work and seek to cultivate relationships with a network of caregivers to meet the various needs of our clients when we are not skilled or positioned to meet them individually. Sunflower Services is a part of mutual aid organizing including taking care of the people in our direct and local networks, grassroots bail funds, and Real Rent.
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